Why choose kraft paper composite bags for good tea packaging

Tea, I believe everyone has drunk it. It is a kind of health-preserving lifestyle unique to Chinese people. At present, you can often see tea overseas. Overseas countries do not know much about tea when they drink tea late, but most of the Chinese tea in their eyes is a very noble thing. They think that Chinese culture is very good. From martial arts to tea are the goals they want to pursue. Tea can supplement vitamins, trace elements needed by the human body, remove toxins from the body, and so on. Then let’s understand why a good tea package should choose a kraft paper composite bag.

   Because the style of the kraft paper composite bag is relatively retro, although the cowhide is simpler and simpler, it is this simplicity that gives the kraft paper a clear position. In the past few years, luxury tea packaging has been extremely popular, and it is the best packaging for gifts. However, the reason behind the fact that high-end tea packaging has ceased to be popular in the past two years is because of the increasingly strict monitoring of the “San Gong” funding and the impact of gift-giving bans. Instead, the kraft paper tea packaging was accepted by the public and gradually became a trend.

Post time: Oct-30-2021
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